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After a baby turns 6 months old, breastmilk cannot cover all nutritional needs. The process of introducing a baby to solid foods is called weaning and experts agree it should take place when a baby is around 6 months. The key thing at the initial stages is to get them accustomed to the practice of chewing and swallowing. Most of the required energy and nutritional needs will still come from breastmilk or infant formula, so the quantity is not crucial at this point.

It is however important to start introducing a baby to a variety of foods, in order to build a foundation for a healthier and tastier eating lifestyle. At Petite Cuisine, we explore a wide variety of fresh ingredients combined for maximum flavour, with the aim to create little foodies!

Gradually, the amount and variety of food a baby consumes will increase (it's important to cater to their own pace and appetites), so that eventually they can eat the same foods as the rest of the family. We encourage our meals to be eaten alongside the family at lunch or dinner times, so that meals become a family affair!

For more information on first foods, how to feed your baby and food allergies, please visit the NHS website on the topic

Organic vegetables

Why organic?

Organic foods are free of toxic pesticides, fertilisers, hormones, antibiotics and genetic modifiers. Consuming them reduces chances of potentially harmful chemicals making their way into our toddlers' digestive systems. Extensive research shows the health and environmental benefits of an organic diet. At Petite Cuisine we only buy the best, freshest organic ingredients which are listed on every meal and on our website, so that parents are fully aware of their choices.

Nutrition vegetables

A healthy, varied diet

As toddlers grow, parents must promote a varied diet from all food groups with 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day – bear in mind a portion is the size of a toddler's hand.

Here at Petite Cuisine, we aim for all our meals to contain a variety of food groups and be as complete as possible. However, as one meal on its own cannot cover the entire nutritional needs of the day, it is important for the remaining meals to balance all nutritional needs.

More plant based, less meat and processed foods?

In line with the latest guidelines and the trend of eating less processed food and less red meat, our menu has been designed to focus predominantly on grains, vegetables & fruit. While toddlers need protein and iron to grow, and meat is a good source, there are other excellent sources including beans, pulses, fish and eggs.

Our dietician

Our Dietician

Clare has been a registered dietitian for almost 10 years, specialising in paediatrics for the last 8 years. She works in a leading Children’s Hospital in London. Prior to her 4 year dietetics degree at the University of Surrey she gained a Bsc(Hons) in music and then followed this with a PhD in music, botany and engineering looking at the acoustical and anatomical properties of musical instrument reeds! She is still a keen musician and can be found playing principal oboe in a number of orchestras in the South of England.

She is a media spokesperson for My Professional Body (British Dietetic Association) and contributes regularly to newspapers, magazines and online publications. She has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4 ‘Woman’s Hour’ and appeared on TV programmes such as ‘Food Unwrapped’, ‘Save Money Lose Weight’ and a programme tackling obesity in children.

Clare’s love of food and science led her to retrain as a dietitian once her children started school: no mean feat juggling a 4 year full time degree whilst bringing up 3 children! She has always had a fascination with the effect food has on the human body and in particular the development of children and how to ingrain healthy eating habits into the family. She has taken a keen interest in where food comes from, having had some successful and some unsuccessful seasons in the vegetable patch. At home, she has 2 productive beehives in the garden and for many years kept chickens. Her favourite recipe growing up was her mum’s shepherd’s pie and it still is. Her current projects are breadmaking, particularly sourdough and sushi, which she loves and has just discovered is really very simple to make and looks beautiful!